Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spring Selling Season Around the Corner!

Spring Selling Season Is Just Around the Corner, here are a few tips you can get started on.

Spring is knocking on our door and that means we’re about to enter into another busy selling season. Historically speaking, as soon as the ground thaws the number of people listing their homes for sale will increase drastically. If you plan to list your home on the market this spring, now is the time to make preparations so you can stand out among your competitors.
Prepare your home for the market.
1. Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space
Let’s face it, this is one of the biggest reasons people wait until spring to sell their homes. We all prefer to look at a lush, green lawn over a brown and dormant yard. Toss in some colorful flowers and landscaping features and you can transform your home’s exterior into a warm, welcoming environment. This is the perfect time to get your outdoor space looking its best. Start by raking up any dead leaves or branches and prune your shrubs. Make sure that all debris is cleared away from walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. Start mowing the lawn on a regular basis and edge the grass along any pathways.
Here’s a tip: If you mow in a diagonal pattern your yard will appear larger! If possible put some potted flowers near the entrance to your home. Before stepping foot into your house, potential buyers will be judging the condition of the inside based on what they see on the outside. Let your buyers know that you have cared for and kept a well-maintained home.
2. Deep Clean Your Windows
This sounds simple enough, but getting really clean windows requires more than just a quick application of window cleaner. It’s important that you allow the maximum amount of light into your home when showing it, so having super clean windows is crucial. Clean the inside and outside of the glass; many times that requires you to remove the screens to get at the entire surface. 
And don’t stop with the glass. Clean the entire window area including window treatments and coverings like drapes, blinds, and curtains. Once your windows are sparkling clean, get your sinks, toilets, mirrors and fixtures to sparkle just as bright.
Here’s a tip: Consider keeping the screens down while you show your house – it will let more light into the house! If you decided to keep them on be sure that they are clean.
3. Clear Off, Clean Out, and Organize!
By now everyone has heard that you need to keep your countertops, tables and dressers cleared off, but it doesn’t stop there. Take time to clean out your refrigerator, cabinets and closets. Keep the items to a minimum and most importantly, keep all storage areas clean and organized. Nobody enjoys going through this process, but storage areas always look bigger when the items inside are either hung neatly and/or stacked neatly on the shelves. Serious buyers will look inside, so be prepared to remove any distractions for your potential buyers.
Remember, new listings generally attract more excitement than those that have been on the market for a while. The more days your home sits on the market, the more “stale” the listing becomes.
And spring time is all about freshness so it’s important to harness the power of a fresh, new listing.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

School Has Started!

Keller Williams Realty Premier is an amazing company to work with!!!! We were able to dress 40+ kids for school.  It is such a reward to know you are able to make a child smile and feel good.  Love this company! Great Job Keller Williams Agents!!!!

Remember to Slow Down in School Zones.......Our children are back to school.  :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Time!

It's time to Buy- Rates are still low
It's time to Sell- Low inventory! Sellers, Buyers are wanting to buy,  this is the time to put your house on the market and buy your dream home. Go to my website and start looking. If you have any questions or need to get your home on the market call or text me, 918-636-9529

Saturday, March 2, 2013

OPEN HOUSE 2-4 in SKIATOOK March 3, 2013

Skiatook OPEN HOUSE March 3,  2 to 4       


This Adorable Bungalow will be open to view Sunday, March 3 from 2 to 4
Move in ready! Fresh paint, open kitchen, livingroom and dinning. Nice oak cabinets in kitchen and laundry room, lots of storage close to town, school and public park. Storage shed stays with property.
$69,900 Two Bedroom, One bath
ADDRESS: 337 East Oak Street Skiatook, Ok
Front of Home

Monday, February 11, 2013

Practicing good seller's etiquette

Let's face it: When your house goes on the market, you're not only opening the door to prospective buyers, but also sometimes to unknown vendors and naïve or unqualified buyers. As with any business transaction, there is an expected protocol to how sellers, buyers and their respective agents interact. Should you find yourself in a sticky situation, alert your agent so he or she can address and remedy the problem.

The aggressive agent
When your agent puts your house on the market, typically all promotional materials state clearly that your agent is the primary contact for buyers and buyers' agents. However, sometimes a buyer's agent will contact a seller directly to try to either win over their business or cut the seller's agent out of the deal. This is not reputable behavior and you should report it to your agent immediately if it happens to you.

The unscrupulous vendor
Have you ever started a business or moved into a new house and suddenly found your mailbox full of junk mail? Unfortunately, this also can happen when you put your house on the market. When you sell your home, it necessitates all kinds of new purchasing decisions and less-than-ethical vendors are keenly aware of this. Though MLS organizations enforce rules on how posted information is used, some companies have found ways to cull information from various sources to produce mass mailing lists. If you find yourself regularly emptying your mailbox of junk, let your agent know. He or she can tap the appropriate sources to prompt an investigation into the matter.

The naïve buyer
Yard signs, Internet listings and other advertisements can generate a lot of buzz for your home. Some prospective buyers - particularly first-timers - will be so buzzed to see your home that they'll simply drop by. If this happens, no matter how nice these unexpected visitors are, it's best not to humor their enthusiasm by discussing your home or giving an impromptu tour. Instead, politely let them know that your real estate agent is in charge of scheduling tours and provide them with the agent's contact information. If you attempt to handle these surprise visits on your own, you might inadvertently disclose information that could hurt you during negotiations down the road. 

Always remember when in doubt call your agent!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Choose a Realtor?

Why Choose a Realtor
Why Choose a REALTOR®? When you’re thinking about buying or selling your property, you need to ask yourself the following questions: Do you have the time, energy, sources of information, and contacts to do the job yourself? If you are one of the ‘do-it-yourself’ people, would the results be as good or better than they would be if you had professional assistance? Would it go smoother? Would it give you more personal time? Would you purchase for less, or sell for more, if a real estate agent was involved? Read the following information and learn how a real estate agent can help you understand everything you need to know about a real estate transaction.

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid? Real estate agents or brokers are generally paid through the sales commission paid by the seller when a transaction closes. Agents have expenses and financial obligations just like you, so it will be to your mutual benefit if you choose a real estate agent and stick with that person. The agent will respect your loyalty and respond with a sincere commitment to you.

Why A REALTOR®? All real estate licensees are not the same. Only real estate licensees who are members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® are properly called REALTORS®. They proudly display the REALTOR® logo on business cards or other marketing and sales literature. REALTORS® are committed to treat all parties to a transaction honestly. REALTORS® subscribe to a strict code of ethics and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge of the process of buying and selling real estate. An independent survey reports that 84% of home buyers would use the same REALTOR® again.

You Be the Judge! Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. Transactions today usually exceed $100,000. If you had a $100,000 income tax problem, would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a CPA? If you had a $100,000 legal question, would you deal with it without the help of an attorney? Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it would be foolish to consider a deal in real estate without the professional assistance of a REALTOR®!